Horse market regulations

You are participating with one or more animals in the Zuidlaardermarkt. To ensure the market runs problem free for people and animals alike, you are obliged to abide by the Animal Act as well as the house rules set out below.

The nine rules on the market

  1. Keep a close eye on your animals at all times. The organisers will remove any untended animals at their keeper's expense;
  2. Ensure your animals are supplied with sufficient food and drinking water. The organisers will provide roughage and water for this purpose at a number of central locations;
  3. Ensure your animals are secured in a sound and safe manner. Use an appropriate halter. Ensure the animals have ample room to move, lie down, eat and drink and that they cannot escape;
  4. Treat the animals in an appropriate animal friendly manner. If the organisers observe you treating your animals in a rough or aggressive manner, you will be ejected from the market;
  5. Take the appropriate measures if the weather turns out to be wet and/or cold. Cover donkeys with a rain blanket if it rains or when it is cold. We will remove any animals numb with cold. All costs involved will be charged to the keeper;
  6. Present your animals on the demonstration tracks. You are only allowed to show your animals on the demonstration tracks made available;
  7. Animals which in any way present a danger to themselves, to other animals or to visitors, will be removed from the market or penned separately;
  8. Always report unsafe situations, illnesses and deaths among the animals to the organisation. A report can be made at the central contact point on the market;
  9. Trading in animals is to cease at 3 pm. The market is required to be cleared by 4 pm. Any animals found by the organisers after this time will be removed. All costs involved will be charged to the keeper. If a trader is guilty of misconduct, deceit or breaches of the regulations, he may immediately be ejected from the market. If such behaviour is observed repeatedly, access to the market can be refused for a number of years.