The Zuidlaardermarkt is held every year on the third Tuesday in October. This is Europe's largest horse market, which also features a major fun fair and four kilometres of market stalls selling just about everything. Are you big on horses or just looking for an enjoyable and fun day out? Then you’ll find the Zuidlaardermarkt a truly irresistible experience!

Horse market

After more than 800 years, the Zuidlaardermarkt is still as strong as a horse! Visitors gravitate here from all corners of Europe. You will meet people from Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Italy and the UK, as well as a great many people from Germany. This is a market that moves with the times, clearly demonstrated among other things by the care for the animals' welfare. Examples include relocating the market terrain to a quieter, fenced off site, the market’s shortened hours, improved facilities and access to necessities such as water and feed, as well as the increased monitoring and supervision of the loading and off-loading of the animals.

Goods market

A myriad of other items are traded during the Zuidlaardermarkt, besides horses. And what a market it is… the ribbon of stalls stretches to over four kilometres. The market traders come from just about everywhere. Everything you can think of is traded at this market; from strawberries to handkerchiefs and from clogs to eels. Or why not treat yourself to a real 'Zuidlaarderbol'?

Fun fair

There will be a fun fair on the large, historic De Brink site during the Zuidlaardermarkt period. This will feature fairground attractions and rides suitable for all the family. There will be something for everyone, from carousels and dodgems to waltzers and dizzying rides. The fun fair will open on the Friday evening before the market and continue until the Wednesday after. It has become something of a tradition to open the fun fair on Friday evening with a real spectacle.

How are things organised at the horse market?

The horse market will be held at De Brink between Zuiderstraat and 't Achterom. The animals will arrive during the night and early in the morning. All animals will be inspected by a vet at both entrances to the market terrain. After paying the market fees, participants are free to find a suitable place to hitch their animals. These spots are known as hitching posts. Annually returning traders reserve specific hitching posts (which will have their names attached). Traders unable to register beforehand can hitch their animals to any free hitching post.
Trading will start at 6 am. If a trader has found a potential buyer, he can show his horse off at the demonstration track which will be set up on site specifically for this purpose. A buyer will be able to see how the horse walks and performs. Trading will cease at 3 pm prompt, and the horses must have vacated the terrain by 4 pm.

The horse market rules

To ensure that the market is a pleasurable event for man and animals alike, traders must strictly adhere to the Animals Act and to our horse market regulations, as well as to current export legislation.

The fun fair offers a wide range of attractions, with something for young and old alike. This year again we will feature a number of new attractions. A list of the participating fun fair operators and a plan of the attractions’ layout can be found below:

Fun fair opening times

Fridayfrom 7 pm to 1 am
Saturdayfrom 1 pm to 1 am
Sundayfrom 1 pm to midnight
Monday and Tuesdayfrom 1 pm to 10 pm
Wednesday kids' afternoonfrom 1 pm to 6 pm
Wednesdayfrom 1 pm to 10 pm


Only itinerant traders are permitted to take part in the goods market. Itinerant traders are professional marketeers who tour the various markets making a living by selling their goods and wares. You can view them as travelling shop owners.

Waiting list

There is always more demand for stall pitches than there are spaces. In addition, the local council also likes to see as wide a variety of products on sale as possible. We therefore work with a waiting list, which means we will be unable to offer a spot to everyone. By mid September, around eighty percent of the places will have been allocated. By that time it will be obvious how many metres may still be available for traders. Traders who unfortunately miss out will be informed in advance.

Registering as a trader for the market

Traders taking part in the Zuidlaardermarkt must be registered with the Chamber of Commerce. Even if a trader regularly takes part annually, he will still be required to provide valid proof of Chamber of Commerce registration. The registration form along with accompanying documents must be submitted to the local council before 1 July. Traders can only register using the digital form. Registrations which have arrived late, which are incomplete or requests by email or letter will not be considered. Traders can register here directly.

All traders permitted access will receive a giro payment slip for payment of the market fees. They will also receive an allocation confirmation, indicating a sector and a pitch number, for example sector C 106. Approximately two weeks before the Zuidlaardermarkt, the pitches and the accompanying numbers will be spray painted on the road surface. On the day itself, traders must follow the route to the sector they have been assigned to. There will be two inspectors per sector who will also guide the traders to their pitch. Trading can start at 6am.

Market fees structure

Fixed amount for promotion and power€ 28.10 per pitch
non-food€ 15.00 per metre
food€ 19.95 per metre
snacks€ 58.95 per metre
Stall hire€ 22 + € 5 admin fee


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